5 jewelry trends of autumn

The hits that everyone will talk about in the autumn-winter season have received award places according to the degree of distribution or known boldness. Chains stretched in the front rows – the main decoration of 2020, statement-hyperforms took second place, gold took bronze, and the incentive prizes were taken by layering and geometry, which were inferior to all others only because they were already trends all summer. We are figuring out what to buy so that everyone wants “like yours”.


The stereotypical rock style of chains had already come to naught by the beginning of the year, when these versatile accessories were decorated with the most feminine bows with midi skirts made of satin and short cardigans of large knitting. They can still add the necessary note of rebellion when needed, but if you just want accent touches, the chains easily rhyme with elegant jackets, airy blouses, and cozy nude knitwear under the throat. As for the types of weaving, autumn whispers: in the top there are options with a contrasting combination of two different types and sizes of links.



The style of statement jewelry, openly making a fashion statement, continues the retrograde movement towards the legacy of past decades, only now animalism also captures. The aristocracy and grandeur of baroque luxurious golden leopards and panthers, the accentuation of brooches and scaled inserts are a curtsey towards the expressive expressiveness of high jewelry, which allows everything “and even a little more”. Autumn clothing, which ceases to abound in prints and color, will become the most grateful canvas for this kind of art masterpieces.


Sets are something that no V-neck will do without this fall. To make a harmonious composition, look for two or three necklaces with similar design elements or at least a general orientation. In a trio, the longest chain may have the ambitions of a sautoir – this length has confidently moved from opera boxes to casual. Place the more familiar duet of thin chains in such a way that the necklace with the most massive steel pendant is at the bottom. Actual motifs of pendants: carved feathers, antique coins, golden foliage – in a word, the most unobtrusive boho.



To change the attitude to the hated school bisector will help the trendy angles of 60 and 90 degrees – made of gold or silver, with cubic zirconia and ornamental stones. The most current forms have numerical Latin roots – look for pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, and the most adaptive to any color type natural shades – dawn pink and malachite khaki. Despite all the showiness, such geometry easily becomes a basic subject, since it is minimalistic and complementary in a matter-of-fact way.


Crumpled metal of excessive shapes is one of the leading trends, which has softly melted down for the second autumn in a row. Illogical silhouettes and blurred contours have fallen in love with us because they inevitably attract attention: polished surfaces reflect light better, which means that the shine will be maximum. There are obvious quotes of Italian style in the trend: fashion chronicles from the streets of Milan prove how the locals wear gold in their own special relaxed manner. You can wear jewelry with a set, and make friends with a bracelet and watch on your hand and still avoid the reproach of “too much”. The secret is in the plain clothes of dense fabrics, and in the manner of bearing, of course.

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