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Have you ever wondered why, with an equal level of “pumping”, one figure seems perfect, and some kind of absurdity is noticeable in the other? It’s all about proportions: its visual harmony depends on how symmetrically the ratio of different parts of the body is observed. Therefore , before you start building muscles, it is very important to pay attention to anthropometry : calculating your ideal figure parameters .

How to make measurements correctly

It is a mistake to believe that the parameters of a person ‘s physique end with his weight and height ratio . Before you calculate the ideal proportions of the figure to which you should strive, you need to measure all the body parts that you will be working on. Thanks to the data obtained, you will be able not only to observe the progress of training, but also in case of lagging of some muscles from others, immediately correct it.

In order to make the necessary measurements correctly, it is enough to arm yourself with a centimeter tape and simple instructions. It is best to take measurements in the morning, because at this time the muscles are most relaxed. We measure the necessary parts of the body, according to the drawing. This is the first step towards perfect body proportions:

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